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Dr. LaJuana Michelle is the Founder and Senior Leader of Keeping the Faith Empowerment Center. She is a respected community leader, unstoppable and obedient. She has been graced to reach the many people in such a way it’s been phenomenal. Dr. LaJuana Michelle has been on the field to doing community works for many years and is working continuously everyday to help those in need of increasing the Kingdom of God.

Dr. LaJuana has earned several degrees, with her most recent doctorate degree in Business Organizational Leadership. For anyone that knows Dr. LaJuana Michelle understands that she walks withcompassion, excellence, professionalism and love.

Dr. LaJuana Michelle has been the Founder of several for profit and non for profit organizations one being the North County Resource Center (NCRC) where she provides resources to those compromised income families by way of utilities, clothing, food and higher education skills for parents.

Dr. LaJuana Michelle has been featured in the 7000 More Magazine, where Halton "Skip" Horton and Alicia Horton are the visionaries. She is a licensed Real Estate Agent with multiple investment homes along with being the Regional Manager in St. Louis, Missouri for The #1 Nationwide Brokerage Firm Redfin Real Estate. While gracefully handling all her assignments she is also the Founder and Owner of 3 children learning center located at Rainbow of Dreams Learning Center in Jennings, MO.

Having a warmth of love for all people, Dr. LaJuana Michelle continues her Kingdom assignments at Keeping the Faith Empowerment Center and LMI Ministries where she travels abroad preaching and teaching the good news of the gospel. Her community works continues by serving over 152,000 families with grocery bags, educating our youth in tutoring programs, providing holiday baskets to families in need and her current project to manifest is to purchase a supermarket where fresh fruit and vegetables will be sold to help keep the community healthy and wealthy as she do more community works. Dr. LaJuana Michelle’s ultimate goal is to be the first African American Woman to franchise a Hotel right in the heart of St. Louis, MO

While Dr. LaJuana Michelle is at work in being a vital source to building communities she also has been honored as the Annie Malone Community/Childcare Advocate of the year. Dr. LaJuana is an author of a quick easy read and is currently working on her next book entitled "Set ups and Setbacks...BUT STILL I RISE!!!

Dr. LaJuana Michelle is the loving wife to Mr. Angelo Walker and the loving mother of her two children, Randy and Taylor along with being the grandmother of one precious baby boy, Richland.

Dr. LaJuana Michelle continues to seek how she can build the Kingdom of God by asking for witty and effective ideas for all people to better neighborhoods within our region.

As you will hear Dr. LaJuana Michelle state often…”Im going to do my part, that’s all that matters”! 




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